Procedure: MySQL / Download Server, Workbench for macOS

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  • To provide instruction on downloading and installing MySQL Community Server and MySQL Workbench for macOS


  • CIT Faculty, Staff, Students 


  • MySQL Community Server
  • MySQL Workbench
  • Personally Owned Computer 
    • macOS


  1. Go to MySQL Community Downloads to download MySQL Community Server for macOS
  2. Follow the download instructions 
  3. Go to MySQL Community Downloads to download MySQL Workbench for macOS
  4. Follow the download instructions 
  5. Click the icon and select System Preferences from the drop-down
  6. Click on MySQL
  7. Click on the server and then click Start MySQL Server
  8. When prompted, enter the password for your computer in the dialog box
  9. Open MySQL Workbench
  10. Click on Local Instance
  11. When prompted, enter your MySQL password in the dialog box



  • Be sure to create a root password that you won't forget — we are unable to reset it 
  • The MySQL server is a local instance: If you start it on your personal computer, you won't be able to access it on the lab computers, unless you copy the files


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